Turbo Elbow Outlet Mitsubishi Eclipse & Talon Dsm 1G 2G (Stock Turbo Flange) - Free Shipping

Turbo Elbow Outlet Mitsubishi Eclipse & Talon Dsm 1G 2G (Stock Turbo Flange)
Turbo Elbow Outlet Mitsubishi Eclipse & Talon Dsm 1G 2G (Stock Turbo Flange)
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Turbo Elbow Outlet Eclipse & Talon DSM 1G 2G (Stock Turbo Flange)|
  • FITS DSM T25/T28 Flange ( 1G / 2G DSM 4G63 )
  • ( FITS T25, T18, 14B, 16G, 18G, 20G, EVO BIG 16 TURBOS ) 
  • 100% SUS-304 Stainless Steel
  • Eliminates boost creep
  • Makes a loud roar under boost
  • Stainless Steel with beautiful tig welds
  • Flanges are a full half inch thick
  • Tig welded o2 bung with plug
  • 2 new bolts with washers and nuts to connect to your down pipe
  • This will connect to stock and after market downpipes
  • Does not require after market fans or radiator
  • Will bolt to any after market or stock turbo
  • 100% bolt on kit
  • Increase Around 20-25 WHP & Torque
  • Dump pipe is 2.5" Outlet
  • Both outlets combined create amazing flow
  • New gasket for turbo
  • New gasket for downpipe
  • Will fit 90-99 Eagle Talon, 90-94 Laser, 90-92 Galant and 90-99 Eclipse GST GSX

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