Turbo Elbow Outlet Mitsubishi Eclipse & Talon Dsm 1G 2G O2(T3/T4 4Bolts Flange) - Free Shipping

Turbo Elbow Outlet Mitsubishi Eclipse & Talon Dsm 1G 2G O2(T3 T4 4Bolts Flange)
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Turbo Elbow Outlet Eclipse & Talon DSM 1G 2G O2(T3/T4 4Bolts Flange)|
  • We uses only highest quality material and fabrication processes for all our products!
  • We designs, tests and manufactures all our products before we bring that to you!
  • Our goal is to designing and build the best products for every people!
  • Don't be fooled by any other aftermarket crappy thing anymore, get what you need here!
  • We are the one who want to bring you the quickest!
  • The racing turbo outlet is 2.75" piping all the way after the turbo!
  • It will gain more power due to more air flow!
  • Getting headache with T3/T4 turbo? No problem now, we make it for you!
  • I assume you have been waited for long time, now it's time to get it!
  • The O2 housing will connect with any other aftermarket turbo manifold when you are using T3/T4 Turbo!
  • It will remain your stock downpipe location, you don't need to custom any downpipe to fit your T3/T4 turbocharge, so why wasting your time!
  • Look at every detail photo we took! As we mentioned, we designs for you!
  • CNC machined flanges with all mandrel bent piping!
  • 90-99 Eagle Talon, 90-94 Laser, 90-92 Galant and 90-99 Eclipse GST GSX

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