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High performance Catback Exhaust System

Performance CatBack exhaust eliminate the restricted factory exhaust system. By installing our performance CatBack exhaust system, it will increase the airflow of the exhaust system after the catalytic converter. Our exhaust are also designed to provide better exhaust note to the driver. With this considered, on average you can expect approximately 6 to 25 more horsepower and an additional 5 to 20 foot-pounds of torque. You'll also get other benefits, such as a more aggressive sound and a better-looking rear end.

  • Optimize Torque In The Low To Mid Speed Range, Helps Smooth The Exhaust Flow
  • Smooth and Deep Tone Sound, Which Helps Smooth The Exhaust Flow
  • Necessary bolts, and mounting kits are included
  • TIG Welded CNC Machine Flange for Resistance against Pressure and Corrosion
  • The key to unlocking enhanced engine performance lies in optimizing exhaust flow, and our aftermarket catback exhaust systems are designed to do just that. By reducing backpressure and improving exhaust gas flow, our systems unleash additional horsepower and torque, resulting in a noticeable boost in overall engine performance.

    Crafted from premium T-304 stainless steel, our catback exhaust systems are engineered for durability, corrosion resistance, and a refined appearance. The use of high-quality materials ensures longevity, even in challenging driving conditions, making our exhaust systems a reliable and long-lasting investment for your vehicle.

    Our commitment to delivering top-tier performance is reflected in the precision engineering of our catback exhaust systems. Computerized mandrel-bends ensure consistent tubing diameter throughout, eliminating restrictions and maximizing exhaust flow. This meticulous design enhances performance and provides a smooth, deep tone that resonates with driving enthusiasts.

    Exhaust flow plays a pivotal role in engine performance. A restrictive exhaust system can hinder the engine's ability to expel gases efficiently, leading to decreased horsepower and torque. Our aftermarket catback exhaust systems address this limitation, creating a pathway for exhaust gases to exit the engine with minimal resistance, resulting in improved power and efficiency.

    Installing our catback exhaust systems is a straightforward process, making it an accessible upgrade for DIY enthusiasts. With included hardware and detailed instructions, the installation can be completed with basic hand tools, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of enhanced engine performance without the need for professional assistance.

    Beyond performance improvements, our catback exhaust systems deliver a dynamic sound enhancement that resonates with automotive enthusiasts. Experience a deeper, more aggressive exhaust note that announces your presence on the road without compromising comfort during daily driving.