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High Performance Intercooler / Intercooler Piping Kit

Having proper cooling efficiency is mandatory to maximize your vehicles performance. Street and track cars will heavily benefit from the use of aftermarket intercooler kit. With many of our private label intercoolers already on the market today, this unit is tried and tested on the track and the strip. Incorporated into the design is a front frame brace which takes place of the bumper support and maintains front structural integrity of your vehicle. Our intercooler core uses top quality pure aluminum alloy making our intercooler lighter than the competition even with a larger overall size!

Intercoolers are heat exchangers, which are used to quickly cool down and dissipate the heat from the intake charge. During intense driving, the turbo compressor wheel super-heats. As a result, compressed air is forced through the turbochargers. Super-heated air reduces the density of the charge air, increasing the chance of detonation and reducing the power output of the vehicle. BLITZ intercoolers are designed to give maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drop. This is especially important if boost pressure is being raised, greatly reducing the chance of detonation.