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H11 Bulb 35W HID Kit Xenon Conversion Kit With Slim Ballast

H11 Bulb 35W HID Kit Xenon Conversion Kit With Slim Ballast


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H10 Bulb 35W HID Xenon Conversion Kit With Slim Ballast

Product description:

HID conversion kit is the revolution in automotive lighting technology. Ourfull conversion HID kit are 5 times brighter compare to traditional halogenlight bulbs. Our HID kit include 2x HID ballast, 1 pair of 4,300K OEM White colorlight bulbs. Our HID kit comes with standard 1 year limited warranty. Ourballasts are both waterproof and shockproof to ensure compatibility wheninstalled in your vehicle. You can also ensure that the HID kit is safe for bothheadlights and fog lights. Increase driving visibility during night timedriving, you will feel safer and when you are behind the wheel during nighttime.


  • Complete HID conversion kit with H11.
  • Choose HID Kelvin color: 4300K - 12,000K
  • HID headlight produce 300 % more light output compared to standard halogen bulbs!
  • Long life, HID bulbs has average life of 5-10 years which is more than a regular bulb!
  • More efficient, xenon kits consume very less electricity which makes its more proficient.
  • HID kits and xenon conversion kit are Easy to use and install.

  • What is a canceller?
    Canceller Cables (also know as CANBUS boxes, CANBUS Harness or CANBUS Relay) Are sold in pairs. You will need one pair per each HID Kit. - Canceller Cables have resistors & capacitors to simulate a factory Halogen Bulb. This will solve the error message on the dash board of newer luxury cars. - Canceller Cables will also eliminate HID headlight FLICKERING that is caused by the Vehicle's computer not recognizing the HID bulb. - This HID Conversion Kit Computer Warning Canceller will solve the computer error warning encountered during the installation of the HID kits. - Power from the vehicle factory headlight plugs into this harness and this harness powers your HID Ballast. - Canceller cables will work for all CARS WITH COMPUTER CONTROLLED HEADLIGHTS. Although recommended for every car, Cancellers are most commonly needed for European cars such as (BMW/BENZ/AUDI) etc and some American cars such as (CHRYSLER/DODGE/JEEP) etc.

  • What is a relay ressitor harness?
    A relay is used for certain vehicles with daytime running lights or to simply pull power from your battery. This will accomplish two advantages. One advantage is bypassing the issue of problems that may occur between your E.C.U and your headlights. Another advantage is having more consistent power to the HID kit since the power is coming directly from the power source.

  • Product Disclaimer

    PROP 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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