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Fender Flares For Jeep Wrangler TJ / JK [Factory and Off-Road Style]

Transform your Jeep Wrangler into an off-road beast with our selection of aftermarket replacement style and pocket rivet style fender flares, available at Designed specifically for Jeep Wrangler models, these fender flares are the perfect upgrade for both functionality and style. Our replacement style fender flares offer a sleek and customized look, seamlessly blending with the contours of your Wrangler. Crafted from durable materials, they provide exceptional protection against mud, rocks, and debris while adding a touch of ruggedness to your vehicle's appearance. If you're seeking a more aggressive and bold aesthetic, our pocket rivet style fender flares are the perfect choice. Featuring rivet accents, they instantly give your Wrangler an off-road-ready look that stands out from the crowd. Installation is hassle-free, as our fender flares come with all the necessary hardware and require no drilling or modifications to your Jeep Wrangler. With various finishes available, you can choose the fender flares that perfectly match your Jeep's color and personal style. Upgrade your Jeep Wrangler's performance and aesthetics with our premium aftermarket fender flares from and conquer any terrain with confidence.

  • Pocket-Riveted Style Fender Flares are Custom-Designed for Your Specific Application
  • Additional Coverage for Larger Tire and Wheel Packages
  • Can Improve Appearance and Styling Dramatically
  • Paintable for Matching with Vehicles' Color
  • Installs with Provided Hardware
  • Embrace a new level of style, protection, and individuality with our premium aftermarket fender flares for Jeep's trucks and SUVs. Explore the diverse range of styles, choose the level of wheel coverage you desire, and enhance your Jeep's capabilities effortlessly. Elevate your ride, make a statement, and unleash the full potential of your Jeep with aftermarket fender flares designed to exceed your expectations.

    Fender flares are stylish extensions added to the wheel arches of your Jeep, serving both an aesthetic and practical purpose. While they contribute to a more aggressive and rugged appearance, fender flares also provide essential coverage and protection. They guard against road debris, mud, and rocks that can be kicked up by your tires, helping maintain your vehicle's pristine condition.

    Guard Against Elements: Fender flares act as a shield, protecting your Jeep's body from road debris, mud, and other elements that can cause damage. Prevent Rust and Corrosion: By providing an additional barrier, fender flares help prevent rust and corrosion, preserving the structural integrity of your vehicle.

    Our aftermarket fender flares are crafted from Polypropylene, a factory-grade plastic known for its flexibility and resistance to cracking. This material ensures durability and longevity, providing the protection your Jeep needs without compromising on style. Embrace the freedom to navigate diverse terrains, knowing your fender flares are built to withstand the elements and resist cracking under pressure.

    Cost-Effective Upgrade: Upgrading your Jeep with aftermarket fender flares is a cost-effective way to enhance both style and protection. Avoid Expensive Repairs: Investing in fender flares now can help you avoid more costly repairs down the line by preventing damage to your vehicle's body.

    Factory OEM Fender Flares:

  • Seamless Integration: Factory OEM fender flares offer a sleek and seamless integration with your Jeep's original design.
  • Consistent Appearance: Designed to match the factory aesthetics, these flares provide a uniform and cohesive appearance.
  • Pocket Riveted Style Fender Flares:

  • Bold and Aggressive Look: Pocket riveted style flares add a bold and aggressive appearance, perfect for those seeking an off-road or rugged aesthetic.
  • Enhanced Wheel Coverage: With their broader design, pocket riveted flares provide increased wheel coverage, preventing debris from reaching your vehicle's body.