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High Performance LED Lights and Accessories

High Performance LED Lights and Accessories

LED accessories lights are extremely bright and offer great accent for the interior and exterior. LED light is built in a clear silicon pod that is flexible, heat resistant and water proof. It can be mounted on the back or either side surfaces. You can place our LED lights into any surface or any area on your car or truck. We carry many size and application for LED bulbs, from interior dome LED pannel to extremely bright CREE LED. * LED LIGHTS use so little power they can be used in computers.
* Hyper LED technology., ISO 9001 - These are the brightest leds on the market.
* Make sure your leds are HYPER Bright.
* Leds typically last 100,000 hrs as opposed to neons at 30,000 hrs at best.
* Leds are not prone to weather, and are virtually indestructible.