Aftermarket Angel Eye Halo / LED Projector Headlights (HID)

Projector Headlights

Projector headlights provide you effective and stronger light beam compare to most conventional crystal headlights. The purpose of projector headlights is to provide stronger  and more focus light beam. Nowadays, projector headlights are comes standard on factory vehicle.  However, projector headlights are usually equipped on luxury European vehicle.  At ProTuningLab Inc, you can get a pair of projector headlights at a very low cost .  Our aftermarket projector headlights provide a aggressive look to your vehicle while improve the output of your headlights. Click projector headlights information for more spec and installation info.

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Projector headlights offer intensive light beam concentration and focus. The projector technology uses the shape of the shade edge, and the exact position of the optical system to determine the sharpness of the cutoff. Projector headlights are usually much brighter than traditional headlights that use reflector style. The point of projector headlights is to reduce excessive glare for the driver in front of you or to your direction. The projector low beam permits accurate low beam focus and concentration. There are many types of headlights uses the projector technology, and it has become a popular looks with projector headlights.

Aftermarket projector headlights offer more widgets than regular projector headlights come standard or optional with the vehicle. Most of aftermarket projector headlights feature Angel Eyes Halo rings to enhance front end appearance. Halo rings are available in two different styles, regular halo rings uses LED powered bulbs as a light source, CCFL halo rings offer a much brighter and linear light pattern compare to LED. You can also choose from dual or single halo rings headlights. Day time driving lights are also featured in most aftermarket projector headlights. Like the Euro style headlights, they use ultra-bright LEDs to offer stripes as a day time driving lights.

Aftermarket projector headlights are both functional and great looking. Equip your Euro projector headlights with HID conversion kit to increase visibility during night time. Euro style headlights are one of the must-have mod for your car or truck. Adding this new style without sacrificing any quality.
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