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Projector Headlights Condensation Guide

Projector Headlights Condensation Guide

This is a general guide for those who are planning to purchase or have already purchased aftermarket auto headlights. We will explain what you can do to eliminate the chance of getting your brand new headlights condensation or fogged up due to weather. Even if you purchase a set of OEM headlights from your manufacturer dealer, they do not guaranteed you it is free of condensation over time. First, most headlights, corner lights, bumper lights, or tail lights come with one or more ventilation path at the back of the housing. You will have to ensure the ventilation path is not blocked and the L-Shaped rubber bath is always pointing downward to 6-o’clock position, so excessive moisture or water can escape the housing leaving no chance of getting into the lights. Another way you might not realize is that a damage seals on the light bulbs can lead to condensation to the headlights as well. When the rubber seals on the light bulb socket are either worn out or strangely shaped, or it might not even function properly. There is a chance moisture are entering the headlights housing due to bad water seal. Most aftermarket lights do not require brand new bulbs. Instead you can just use your stock ones. However, please make sure that you revive or change the rubber seal as show in the picture above. Reviving can be easily done by applying some Vaseline to it. By the way, do not touch the bulbs or leave any Vaseline on the bulbs as that would shorten their life. At ProTuningLab Inc, we hope we can help you shop and decide which lighting parts and accessories are best for you. Please let us know by email if you would like us to write any specific guide or general information on certain type of products.