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Volkswagen Golf / GTI Performance Cold Air Intake Induction Kit

Volkswagen Golf / GTI Cold air intake system help unleashes those horsepower that the factory emission. It let the engines to produces at its optimal potential. The design of our cold air intake is to increase torque, horsepower, and also throttle response. Our cold air intakes are designed to give the engine a full immediate response when the gas pedal is pressed. This design contributes to the torque increase during low & medium speed limits, and enhanced acceleration response.

  • increasing the diameter of the air intake, allowing increased airflow.
  • smoothing the interior of the intake to reduce air resistance.
  • providing a more direct route to the air intake.
  • tuning the length of the intake to provide maximum airflow at certain engine speeds (RPM).
  • using a more efficient, less restricting air filter.