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Performance Cold Air Intake Induction System

Performance intake system is one of the best dollars to horsepower investments you can make . Our performance intake system are built to make horsepower. With aftermarket air intake system, you will eliminate the the air restriction by the OEM factory air box. You will increase the air flow to the engine, which increase throttle response and power. Our air intake system will fit into your engine bay directly, hassle free installation, direct bolt-on application.

Completely replace the factory airflow assembly including the filter, air box and air path. Unleashes your engine's power potential by force-feeding rich oxygen into your cylinders, which improves combustion efficiency

  • increasing the diameter of the air intake, allowing increased airflow.
  • smoothing the interior of the intake to reduce air resistance.
  • providing a more direct route to the air intake.
  • tuning the length of the intake to provide maximum airflow at certain engine speeds (RPM).

  • At the heart of enhanced engine performance lies optimized air flow, and our aftermarket performance air intakes are designed to provide just that. By maximizing the volume of air entering the engine, our systems contribute to increased horsepower, torque, and overall efficiency.

    Choose the air intake style that suits your driving preferences. Our collection includes heat shield-style intakes for added protection against engine heat, cold air intakes that draw cooler air from outside the engine bay, and short ram intakes for a more direct airflow path. Tailor your selection to match your driving needs and performance goals.

    Efficient combustion relies on an optimal air-to-fuel ratio, and our aftermarket air intakes play a crucial role in achieving this balance. By increasing air flow, these systems enhance the engine's ability to burn fuel more effectively, resulting in improved power, responsiveness, and fuel efficiency.

    For those seeking added protection against engine heat, our heat shield-style intakes are the ideal choice. These systems are designed to shield the intake air from the heat generated within the engine bay, ensuring a consistent flow of cooler air to the engine for enhanced performance.

    Cold air intakes are engineered to draw in cooler and denser air from outside the engine bay. Cooler air is denser, containing more oxygen, which is essential for combustion. This results in improved engine efficiency, increased power, and a more responsive throttle.

    Sustainability meets performance with our washable intake filters. Reusable and washable, these filters not only contribute to eco-friendly driving but also provide long-lasting performance. Maintain peak efficiency by regularly cleaning and reusing the filter, saving you money on replacements.