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Chrysler 300 Angel Eye Halo HID Aftermarket Projector Headlights

Projector headlights are originated in 24hr racing series race car, engineers understood that projector concentrates light beam and focus those light and use it in area where the driver needs them the most. You are now able to get these projector headlights now a day at minimal cost, or less than OEM factory headlights.

We carry variety of 300 projector headlights including those in chrome or black housings. Our 300 projector headlights doesn’t only concentrates the light beam of the headlights, it also give a more aggressive and styling design with your Chrysler 300. We design our projector headlights for each and specific make and model; we ensure that our 300 projector headlights will flow with the bodyline and style of your Chrysler 300.

  • Made by OEM approved & ISO certified manufacturers that has over 15 years lighting manufacturing experience.
  • Comes as both left and right side.
  • Factory style made by aftermarket..
  • Buyer will receive what is shown on the picture.
  • Installation instruction is not included. Professional installation is highly recommended.

  • Upgrade your Chrysler 300 to new heights of style and performance with our carefully curated selection of aftermarket projector headlights. Delve into the world of projector headlights and discover how these innovative lighting solutions can transform the appearance and safety of your Chrysler 300.

    Say goodbye to dull and outdated headlights. Projector headlights provide a focused and controlled beam of light, resulting in improved visibility and a more confident driving experience, especially in low-light conditions. Experience the benefits of modern LED technology with projector headlights that incorporate features such as high-intensity LED tubes, angel-eye halo rings, and sequential LED turn signals. These elements not only enhance safety but also add a contemporary touch to your Chrysler 300. Choose projector headlights with LED tube accents to add a high-tech and sophisticated element to the front end of your Chrysler 300. The illuminated LED tubes provide a distinctive and modern look.

    For a captivating and stylish appearance, opt for projector headlights with angel-eye halo rings. These illuminated rings create a halo effect around the projector lens, adding a unique and eye-catching feature to your Chrysler 300.

    Our projector headlights are designed to be direct replacements for factory headlights, ensuring compatibility and an easy installation process. Upgrade your lighting without the need for extensive modifications or alterations. Projector headlights utilize advanced lens technology to provide precise and controlled lighting. Experience improved visibility on the road, especially during nighttime driving, with a focused and well-defined light pattern. Upgrade to projector headlights for superior nighttime visibility. The focused beam pattern ensures that your Chrysler 300 is well-illuminated, contributing to safer driving conditions.

    Our projector headlights are designed as direct replacements for factory headlights, making the installation process seamless and hassle-free. Enjoy the benefits of upgraded lighting without the need for extensive modifications. Improve the safety of your Chrysler 300 with the precise light distribution of projector headlights. Reduced glare for oncoming drivers and improved illumination of the road ahead contribute to a safer driving experience for you and others on the road. Rest assured that our projector headlights meet or exceed industry standards. They are DOT (Department of Transportation) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) approved, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and optimal performance.